Various Important Messages

What’s in this email?

1) Be courteous to the monitors
2) Court courtesy
3) Excessive ball usage

1) I am asking all members to be courteous and responsive to the monitors. Monitors are at drop in to make sure only members are playing, if everyone would display their badges in the open so the monitor can easily see them this would clearly help. If a monitor asked to see your badge, please do not be rude to them they are only doing their job. Guests are not permitted to play during morning and afternoon drop in and the only way for the monitor to know if you are a member is if your badge is prominently displayed, so the moral of this story is “WEAR YOUR PICKLEBALL BADGE SO IT IS VISIBLE”.

2) This is a friendly reminder to exercise courtesy when playing on our courts. During drop in please do not walk on the court during the middle of play, wait till play has stopped before going to the bench to reserve your spot. If people are already waiting to get on the court they should be the next to play, do not be rude and cut in front of them. I know the the courts are crowded during drop in times, but lets still try to exercise proper court etiquette and courtesy to all our members.

3) Excessive ball usage has become an issue in the past few months at our courts. The variance between good balls being put out and bad balls being collected has tripled from previous months, which means people are taking balls. This is costing the club money, so am asking people not to take the balls out off the courts to play at other facilities. Also, do not discard balls that are not broken, we have seen a lot of balls in the discard buckets that are not broken so we have to spend time to sort these balls out and put them back in play. Pickleballs are the biggest expense this club has so lets all work together to try to keep this cost down.
Steve Berwald
SCG Pickleball President

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