Important Messages April 1

What’s in this email?

1) Ball Distribution Volunteers needed, monitor credit available
2) Green Graphite Zen paddle found
3) Pickleball court expansion proposals put forward

1.We need Ball Distribution Volunteers for the following weeks, please help Monitor credit is available.

2nd 2 weeks in July
1st 2 weeks in August
1st 2 weeks in October

2. A green Graphite Zen paddle was left on court #3 yesterday, if anyone has found it please contact Karen Giola at 517-499-6478.

3. Good news for Pickleball court expansion, two proposals were brought to the “chat with the board” meeting yesterday and appeared that the board was in favor of one of them and will discuss it at the next board meeting on April 14. The proposals eliminated the 3 tennis courts and one proposal added 8 pickleball courts, a basketball court, and a badminton/vollyball court. The other proposal added 10 pickleball courts, the board seemed to be in favor of the second one. This sounds promising and lets keep our fingers crossed that this issue is put on the agenda and that we get a favorable vote at the next board meeting. In case you didn’t know, Ellie Brooks is the new Board President.

Steve Berwald,
SCG Pickleball President

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