Resend with corrected day of week – Various Important Items April 10

What’s in this email?

1) Membership meeting Tuesday April 12, 3 pm Aqua Fria room Cimarron Center
2) April 14 SCG Board Meeting has an agenda item to expand pickleball courts support your club and (politely) attend
3) Cancel the reservation if you can’t use it

1) Our next club membership meeting will be held on Tuesday April 12 at 3 pm in the Aqua Fria room at the Cimarron Center.

2) There is a motion on the agenda at the next Board meeting for the expansion of Pickleball courts. The proposal is to remove the 3 Tennis courts and replace them with 10 Pickleball courts. It would be good if we can get a large showing of club members to support this proposal, and if you can, wear your Blue club t-shirt to make it clear what you support. Unfortunately our club has a bad reputation with some of the Board members and residents of our community, so if you attend the meeting please act in a professional manner. I believe we are getting close to getting more courts so lets all stay calm even when the Pickleball haters get up and speak. The meeting will be held on Thursday April 14 at 1 pm at the Sagebrush Ballroom at Sonoran Plaza.

3) There have been quite a few instances of members reserving courts and then not showing up to use them and not canceling their reservation. If you are not going to use a court that you have reserved please go in the system and cancel the reservation so other members know that the court is available for play. It’s takes less then a minute to cancel a court reservation with the new system so please be courteous to other members and cancel your reservation.

Steve Berwald,
SCG Pickleball President

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