Summer Hours and other topics

1) May 1 summer court hours go into effect
2) Two first aid containers restocked
3) Reminder that guests are not permitted at club activities

1) Starting May 1 summer court hours go into effect. Start time is 6 am, morning drop in is 8 am to 10 am, evening mixers start at 7 pm, and there is no afternoon drop in. Ladders will be as follows:
  • A ladder  Monday 8 am
  • B ladder  Tuesday 8 am
  • C ladder  Wednesday 8 am
  • Novice ladder – has suspended play until the Fall

Ladders should only take a maximum of 4 courts, and some levels will stop in May for the summer.

2) There are now 2 First Aid containers clearly marked under the counter in the Pavilion. If you don’t find what you need in one container, check the other one. They are both fully stocked.

3) We have had several instances of members bringing guests to the courts during morning drop in, this is a violation of the Standing Rules and Operating Procedures of the club which states ” During the period October 1 through May 30 guests may not use association facilities during club activities” I am asking all members to abide by this rule and not give the monitor a hard time when they try to enforce it.

Steve Berwald,
SCG Pickleball President

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