Important Reminders for July and August

What’s in this email?

1) July and August morning drop in will use courts 1-8, 9-12 can be reserved
2) July and August monitors can play after members have checked in
3) No new information on court expansion but November is still goal

1) For the months of July and August the morning drop in courts are 1 – 8 and courts 9 – 12 can be reserved. If no one reserves these 4 courts, or the individual who reserved them does not show up by 10 minutes after the hour, then these courts can also be used for drop in.

2) For the months of July and August monitors during morning drop in can play after members have checked in. Remember, you still have to perform your monitor duties.

3) Concerning court expansion, I do not have any new information to report, but the goal is still to have the new courts completed by sometime in November. I will keep everyone informed as the process moves along.

Have a great summer and remember to stay hydrated when playing in this hot weather.

Steve Berwald,

SCG Pickleball President

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