Various Important Items

What’s in this email?

1) Membership meeting Tuesday February 14 3 pm
2) Need volunteers for tournament March 21-23
3) Don’t be a no show – cancel your reservation
4) Vendor day February 18, 9 am – noon

1) Our next membership meeting will be held on Tuesday February 14 at 3 pm in the Agua Fria room at Cimarron.

2) We are still looking for volunteers for the Tournament being held on March 21 – 23, it is a good way to get your monitor credit in for this year. If you are interested in volunteering contact Marlene Berwald at 219-688-3022.

3) We are still having trouble with members scheduling courts and not showing up to play, but leaving their name on the schedule. If you schedule a court and cannot play I am asking you to go in the system and cancel the court, it takes less then 1 minute to do this. We are in the busy season so am asking members to be considerate and cancel courts that they will not use so other members can reserve those courts to play.

4) We are having Vendor day Saturday February 18 from 9 am to noon. Come on out if you would like to demo the newest paddles or purchase a new one. We will also be selling SCG Pickleball Club shirts for $5.

Steve Berwald
SCG Pickleball President

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