What’s in this email?

1) Sock Hop Success
2) Priority/Lost Wallet
3) Many thanks to the volunteers

1) Sock Hop Success:  This years sock hop was a great success with many in fabulous 50’s attire .  We had a great DJ, Lee Bradley, with a Hula Hoop and Willie and the Hand Jive contest and fun for all.  Please check out the great photo’s taken by our photographer Wayne Squires on the PB Website (under activities/photo’s/Spring Fling Sock Hop)  Here’s a direct link to the photos http://pball.grandpickleball.org/gallery3.  If anyone would like higher resolution jpegs of the photo’s you can email Wayne Squires (waynes65@live.com or Linda Durkee (pbfling@cox.net).

2) Priority/Lost Wallet:   A mens tri-fold wallet was lost at the Sock Hop on March 3rd. We have checked with all the appropriate personnel and CAM staff but thought we would also ask any of you who attended the event.  If you have any information please email or call Deb Vauthier; debmvauthier@gmail.com or (623) 251-7562.

We are sending this out for a couple reasons, #1 if for some reason it could have been picked up by someone by accident and/or put into your bag or jacket.    The second reason is to make everyone aware that at the end of any event to make a note or reminder to check to be sure you have everything before you leave.  Often times we put things on the floor or ladies purses fall open and keys etc. can fall out. 

3)  We want to acknowledge all the volunteers who made this event such a success. Thank you!

Steve Berwald
SCG Pickleball President

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