Some members see Steve Berwald in the display name of club emails

Emails from the Grand Pickleball Club come from

The name used by our sending email program since Jan 1 is Troy Konz President Grand Pickleball Club.

Many people have reported that they still see Steve Berwald President Grand Pickleball Club on club emails. This is very likely because you have an entry in your Contacts or Address Book (different email programs call it different things) for Since the office of President will be filled by a number of different people, those who no longer wish to see Steve Berwald on pickleball club blasts can edit their contact list entry for Change Steve Berwald to Grand Pickleball President or whatever is meaningful to you. Having an entry for in your Contacts or Address Book is a good idea. It helps prevent the club emails being treated as spam, so it is better to edit the entry and not delete it.

Troy Konz
SCG Pickleball Presiden

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