Dink a Dilly Player Lists

 Here is the list of players and the brackets that they are playing in. Some of you might notice that you were bumped up in your ratings. This was done by ladder captains and the tournament director. This is just a fun tournament and everyone should enjoy the experience.

Please check the start times for your bracket and check in 30 minutes prior to.

Please let myself or John Grasso know if there are any issues.


2018 Grand Tournament Player Lists
Men’s Doubles
# Last Name First Name Level Last Name First Name
1 Ruege Gary 2.5 Bigler Thom
2 Debber Stan Eyre Del
3 Korevec Tim Heim Gary
4 Mitchell Bill Pitsenberger Brian
5 Cross Mike Peterson Don
6 Elsen Jerry Simonson Tom
1 Blake Gary 3.0 Strauch Manny
2 D’Ambrosio Michael MacGregor Gary
3 Schneider Steve Armstrong John
4 Maddox Jim Nathe Dave
5 Kunaman Dale Schutt Dave
6 Campbell Randy McCammon Jon
7 Knight Wes Hanson Dale
8 Kit Eugene Osowiec Joe
1 Spurgeon Paul 3.5 Campbell Ed
2 Kerhoff Tim Lee Jeff
3 Landercasper Lane Mazur Mick
4 Lauer Jerry Anderson Rob
5 Boland John McKeever Ralph
6 Schnoler Bob Rodriguez Luis
7 Butler Mike Merring Rick
8 Holt Bill Ness Royal
9 Harvey Tom Dailey Michael
10 Van Vliet Jon Loewen Garry
11 Brinkman Norman Currie John
12 Williams Bob Willoughby Steve
13 Best Joe  Nickels Mike
14 Kerkow Dave Olson Michael
1 Folk Rick 4.0 White Rob
2 Soubliere Craig Madison Don
3 Laux Larry Walker Dave
4 Greenberg Earle Konz Troy
5 Weidenbach Rick Miller Mitch
6 Szukalski Casey Hartman Jerry
7 Beachy Ron Laux Laurance
8 Kratz Dan Langer Mel
9 Avery Vic Lausman John
10 Moreno Victor Esposito Gary
11 Swanson Dick Merkeley Garth
12 Gunderson Don Darrow Keith
13 Pearl Gene Krentz Norm
14 Templer Stewart Barczak Bob
15 Tamblyn Mark Dryer Harold
16 Moss Ken Seaverson Roy
1 Savoy John 4.5 Nunweiler Ross
2 Fogg Doug McWilliam Stewart
3 Stone Jeff Gallaher Dennis
4 Hecht Bob Jennings Mike
5 Duncan Darren Kapping Brian
6 Dietrich Ron Dawson Doug
1 Nedelman David 5.0 Deaton Mike
2 Hackenberg Jim Grasso John
3 Kane Pat Speer Tim
Women’s  Doubles
# Last Name First Name Level Last Name First Name
1 Thompson Barb Novice Killian Betsy
2 Young Cherie Yurkunas Charlotte
3 Sexton Vicki Boland Kathy
4 Gibbons Dianne Rowley Kathie

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