In house Tournament Medal Winners

We finished our first in house Pickleball tournament today. With over 200 club members participating over the past two days, I feel it was a huge success.

I can’t thank John Grasso, Linda Hoggatt, Rock Kane, Ross Nunnweiler, Pauline Avery, and all of the volunteers who helped get the courts ready, did snacks, refereed, ran the registration table, ran the refs table, cooked the food, and all of the fantastic players who participated, made this one of the best events ever.

I hope all enjoyed it and will do it again during our next event.

Congratulations to all of the medal winners.


Men’s Doubles Medal Winners
2.5 GOLD Gary Heim 4.0 GOLD Earle Greenberg
Tim Korevec Troy Konz
SILVER Tom Simonson SILVER Dave Walker
Jerry Elsen Larry Laux
BRONZE Gary Ruege BRONZE Rob White
Tom Bigler Rick Folk
3.0 GOLD Manny Strauch 4.5 GOLD Brian Kapping
Gary Blake Darren Duncan
SILVER Dave Nathe SILVER Doug Dawson
Jim Maddox Ron Dietrich
BRONZE Jon McCammon BRONZE John Savoy
Randy Campbell Russ Nunweiler
3.5 GOLD Ed Campbell 5.0 GOLD Pat Kane
Paul Sprugeon Tim Speer
SILVER Mike Butler SILVER Jim Hackenberg
Rick Marring John Grasso
BRONZE Luis Rodriguez BRONZE David Nedelman
Bob Schoeler Mike Deaton
Women’s Doubles Medal Winners
Novice GOLD Char Yurkunas 3.5 GOLD Jennie Riazanski
Cherie Young Julie Billets
SILVER Diane Gibbons SILVER Mary Sluzinski
Kathie Rowley Pam Speer
BRONZE Barb Thompson BRONZE Wendy Markley
Betsy Killan Laura Forbes/ Brickler
2.5 GOLD Sue Speidol 4.0 GOLD Barbara Larson
LaVonne Neufeld Marlene Berwald
SILVER Ethel Krentz SILVER Elizabeth Folk
Sandra Myers Jane White
BRONZE Kathy Boland BRONZE Susan Weidenbach
Vicki Sexton Robbi Chiappini
3.0 GOLD Jen Lorenz 5.0 GOLD Lisa Hickox
Belinda Richard Laura Fenton Kovanda
SILVER Pat Martin SILVER Yvonne Hackenberg
Anita Britton Roxanne Pierce
BRONZE Barb Lee BRONZE Linda Hoggatt
Ginny Moreno Mona Burnett
Mixed Doubles Medal Winners
2.5 GOLD Lon Gerbasi 4.0 GOLD Rob White
Renee Bigler Jane White
SILVER Gary Heim SILVER Laura Forbes
Carol White Larry Laux
BRONZE Ethel Krentz BRONZE Earle Greenberg
Jim Barbour Marlene Berwald
3.0 GOLD Jen Lorenz 5.0 GOLD Pat Kane
Fred Wright Laura Fenton Kovanda
SILVER Karen Gioia SILVER Jim Hackenberg
John Boland Yvonne Hackenberg
BRONZE Julie Kerkoff BRONZE Darren Duncan
Tim Kerkoff Mona Burnett
3.5 GOLD Mike Davies
Wendy Markley
SILVER Bob Schoeler
Judy Rodriguez
BRONZE John Freiermuth
Pam Speer

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