A Couple of Things

Just a couple of items to bring up.

  1. We have unplugged the TV monitors for the hot summer months.  Lately, people have been plugging them back in.  Please do not do this, as it could ruin/burn out the monitors and the Pickleball club would have to purchase new ones.
  2. CAM recently pointed out to the club board members that there is a lot of used chewing gum stuck to things in the breezeways.  If you chew gum, please put it in the trash cans and not on the bricks of the breezeway or stuck under the benches/seats.
  3. Lastly, Susan and I are going to be moving at the end of the month to a much larger home here in Grand so our current home will be available to rent.  If anyone knows of someone who is looking to rent a home here year round, this might be the place for them.  It is a Willow model at around 1100 sq. ft.  It comes unfurnished and is a nice little home.  We have rented it from our landlord for the past two years at $1300 a month, so if someone was a snowbird, It would be cheaper to rent for the year, than for 6 months during the season.  If you know of anyone looking to move to Grand and might be interested, please give them my info and I can forward it on to the landlord.

I hope everyone has had a good summer and are making plans to return to Sun City Grand soon.  See you soon.