ARC update on water bottle filler/ice machine

I wanted to keep everyone updated on where we are at with our PDP for a water bottle filler/ice machine to be installed in the breezeway of the Pickleball courts.

A little backstory first.  Craig Soublere wrote up the proposal and submitted it to the CAM offices in July.  It was submitted before the deadline, but was not put on the agenda for the August LAC meeting.  We did present it to the September LAC committee and it was passed unanimously and forwarded to the ARC for their review.

Forward to October 5th.  We were supposed to be on the agenda for yesterdays ARC meeting, but was told at the meeting by Bob Aiken, that our PDP was misplaced.  He stated that he would try and get us on, if he could.  Myself and 7 other club members sat through the over 2 hour meeting and were then told “Sorry, we couldn’t get you in”.

We will hopefully be on the November 2nd ARC agenda.

To say that Craig and I are frustrated with the way the process works here in Sun City Grand would be an understatement.

Craig has sent an email to the Board of Directors requesting an investigation into why our club’s requests keep getting misplaced.

More to follow as we hear back from the BOD.