Various Important Items

Just a quick reminder of a few things:

  1. SOP’s:  Don’t forget that recent changes were made to the Pickleball Club’s Standing Rules and Operating Procedures.  No major substantive changes were made; it was simply updated to reflect the current procedures followed by the club.  You can review that updated document here:
  2. Skill-Level Drop-In Sessions:   The fall schedule is currently underway.  One item of note is that now that the weather has cooled off, we can play pickleball in the middle of the day.  That means that the skill-level drop-in sessions have resumed.  The schedule for the skill-level drop- in sessions is as follows:
    • Monday:  3.0 (formerly “C”)
    • Tuesday:  2.5 (formerly “Novice”)
    • Wednesday: 4.0 (formerly “A”)
    • Thursday: 3.5 (formerly “B”)
    • Friday:  4.5 and above (formerly “Open”)
      **All skill-level drop-in sessions run from noon to 2:00 p.m.  Please check the court reservation system for court assignments.
  3. Evening Mixers:  Since the skill-level drop in sessions have started, the evening mixer skill designations have been dropped and the schedule tweaked.  The evening mixer schedule and definitions is as follows:
    • Sunday:  Round Robin Mixer (This mixer is open to any club member of any skill level)
    • Monday:  Singles Mixer (This mixer is designed for unpartnered persons to socialize with other unpartnered persons.)
    • Tuesday:  Mixed Doubles (This mixer is designed for a man and a woman to play as partners)
    • Wednesday:  New Player Mixer (This mixer is designed for new members to the game who may need a little extra help from the monitor on how to play, rules, etc.)
    • Thursday:  Pot Luck Mixer (This mixer has a once per month pot luck meal – see the monitor for details)
    • Friday:  Round Robin Mixer (This mixer is open to any club member of any skill level)
      **All Mixers run from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  No evening Mixer requires advance sign up, nor do you have to join a specific mixer to play.  Simply come to the courts 15 minutes early, sign in with the monitor and have fun!  Mixers are assigned a maximum of 11 courts for play, so the first 44 people who sign up are guaranteed to play.
  4. Also please note: Skill drop in is a group of like skill level players playing a round robin style of games.  We will be having drill lessons coming up in November