AED Training and ARC Meeting

I want to report out on the upcoming AED training and the results from the ARC meeting today.

  • I just found out from CAM that they can only train 12 people at a time on the AED and First Aid and that there is a $7 cost per person.  Both of these were unexpected and I have cancelled the training.  I will ask Mel Langer to contact St Lukes to see if they can provide us with the training sometime in the near future.
  • This morning, Craig and I presented our PDP for the water bottle filler/ice machine to the ARC committee.  I really appreciated the 10 club members who showed up to support us. During the presentation, one of the committee members (David Jordan) made some disparaging and insulting comments to me about the entire Pickleball club, which I did not appreciate and let Mr. Jordan know exactly how I felt.  In addition, I have emailed the President of the Board of Directors about the incident and David Jordan’s rude and bullying tactics.  Despite Mr. Jordan’s behavior towards our club, the ARC voted unanimously to forward the PDP to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • I would really love to see the seats filled at the BOD meeting next Thursday, November 8th at 1PM in the Sonoran Plaza.  We need to make our presence known to the BOD.