Upcoming Events

We have a number of upcoming events.

  1. The club will be presenting our PDP for the water bottle filler/ice machine to the Board of Directors tomorrow afternoon at 1PM in the Sonoran Ballroom.  It would be great to have as many club members present as possible.
  2. The Dink A Dilly tournament is scheduled for November 28-30.  Currently, we have only 70 people signed up.  It’s only $20 to play, plus you get a t-shirt and a lunch.  Registration forms are located in the breezeways.  Registration ends November 14th.
  3. Rob White is reaching out to all club members who are interested in learning and playing some exhilarating singles, one versus one pickleball.  It is this Friday.  If interested, go to website  WWW.JUSTPICKLEBALL.COM
  4. Last thing, Laura Fenton Kovanda is holding a free pickleball clinic for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing club members on November 26th at 6-8PM.  We will have an interpreter on site to help out.  If you are interested in attending, please let me know.