December Pickleball Club Member Meeting

The December Pickleball club members meeting will be held next Tuesday, December 11th from 3-5PM in the Cimarron center’s Agua Fria room.  This meeting will feature the election of a new Pickleball club Board of Directors.  You must be present to vote.

Listed below are the topics for discussion during the meeting:

Sun City Grand Pickleball Club
Board Meeting Agenda
December 11, 2018

The President, calls the meeting to order and establishes a quorum.
Members Present:


·         Housekeeping rules
·         First Aid
·         2019 Pickleball club election vote
Secretary’s Report:
Treasurer’s Report: 
Committee’s Report: Sponsorship
Old Business:
·         Play with a Pro
·         2019 budget
·         Dink A Dilly II
·         2.0 ladder
·         Renewal sessions
·         Pickleball Tournament

New Business:
·         Swiping CAM card
·         AED Training
·         David Schlemmer – Ron Grant update
·         Ladder/League suspension
·         Deaf Clinic
·         Emergency signs
·         Holiday Party
·         Joe Best replacement for monitor boss
·         Thursday Night Lights – Jan 3rd – 4-7 PM – benefit St Luke’s
·         New Board Members introduction
·         Volunteer dinner
·         Spring Training baseball tickets
Non-Agenda Items:
Tournament medalist
Meeting adjournment