December Club Members Meeting

The December Pickleball club members meeting will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, December 11th from 3-5PM in the Cimarron center’s Agua Fria room.  This meeting will feature the election of a new Pickleball club Board of Directors.  You must be present to vote.

Listed below are the topics for discussion during the meeting.

Sun City Grand Pickleball Club
Board Meeting Agenda
December 11, 2018

The President, calls the meeting to order and establishes a quorum.

Members Present:


·         Housekeeping rules
·         First Aid
·         2019 Pickleball club election vote

  • President – Troy Konz
  • VP – Craig Soublere
  • Secretary – Cathy Hennefer
  • Treasurer – Don Gunderson
  • Members at Large – Stew Templer, Stewart McWilliam,Don Madison

Secretary’s Report:
Treasurer’s Report: 
Committee’s Report: Sponsorship
Old Business:
·         Play with a Pro
·         2019 budget
·         Dink A Dilly II
·         2.0 ladder
·         Renewal sessions
·         Pickleball Tournament

New Business:
·         Swiping CAM card
·         AED Training
·         David Schlemmer – Ron Grant update
·         Ladder/League suspension
·         Deaf Clinic
·         Emergency signs
·         Holiday Party
·         Joe Best replacement for monitor boss
·         Thursday Night Lights – Jan 3rd – 4-7 PM – benefit St Luke’s
·         New Board Members introduction
·         Volunteer dinner
·         Spring Training baseball tickets
Non-Agenda Items:
Tournament medalist
Meeting adjournment