January 2019 Club Members Meeting Agenda

The January 2019 Pickleball club members meeting will be held on, Tuesday, January 8th from 3-5PM in the Cimarron center’s Agua Fria room.  

Listed below are the topics for discussion during the meeting:

Sun City Grand Pickleball Club
Board Meeting Agenda
January 8, 2019

The President, calls the meeting to order and establishes a quorum.
Members Present:
·         Housekeeping rules
·         First Aid
Secretary’s Report:
Treasurer’s Report:  
Committee’s Report: Sponsorship
Old Business:

  • ·         Play with a Pro- final total
  • ·         2019 budget – club vote
  • ·         Renewal sessions – dates
  • ·         Pickleball Tournament – in house April 2-4.  External December 13-15
  •           Monitor chair – New chair are Vicki and Mark Sexton
  •           Volunteer dinner – looking for volunteers to help set it up
  •           Spring Training game tickets – Marlene 
  •           Deaf clinics – looking for someone to help write an article for USAPA 

New Business:

  • ·         Swiping CAM card – RFID -committee set up
  • ·         AED Training – more to come
  • ·         Skill level clinics – Jeanne/Mel update
  •           Thank you lunch for housekeeping staff
  •           Winter league – Angie
  •           Court level designation – set up committee – volunteers
  •           Tower heaters for breezeways
  •           iPad usage – find a way to use them along with a club computer
  •           Guest tags

Non-Agenda Items
            Tournament medalist
Meeting adjournment