Participate in Clinics at your Assessed Level

Skill level clinics continue to be held on their respective dates, and are intended to run through March 31, 2019.  Participation has far exceeded our expectations and we are very pleased with the numbers of members seeking to improve their game.  

However, we have encountered a problem with self-assessment of some of the participants’ skill-level, specifically the 3.5 rated players.  We have determined that some of the participants do not belong at that level.  As such, it causes the instructors to spend an inordinate amount of time with those players to the detriment of the other participants on the same court who truly are 3.5 players.

Please understand that your participation in these FREE clinics, mandates an implied consent that you agree to, and are seeking our assessment of what category you belong. The instructor will convey that to you, and you will be advised to move to the level we feel better suits your skills, whether that be to a lower level or a higher level.   If you are told that we feel you would be more comfortable and better able to hone your skills at the 3.0 clinics, then please do not come back to the 3.5 level.  

We encourage you to continue participating at your assessed level. 

Your cooperation helps us….to help you.

Mel Langer/Jeanne Harteau