Swiping in at the Pickleball Courts and Skill Level Drop in

  1. As everyone knows, it is a CAM requirement to swipe your CAM card each time you use the pickleball courts.  If your card does not work, then we need to know about it to get it fixed.  Please email me if this is the case.  Mike O’Meara brought up a good point during the February club members meeting.  He said that we bought the swipe card machines, but did not buy the cards that are made for this type of machine as CAM requires us to use their cards.  This means that the CAM cards do not totally line up with the card readers.  This is why you have to swipe your card slowly and bend it slightly towards your left side.  Again, if you still can not swipe in, then email me.
  2. Skill level drop in are for those individuals who are at that skill level.  These drop ins are not for lower rated club members to get better, they are for like skilled club members to compete against each other.  You have to be playing in that skill level ladder, are rated that level by the USAPA or have been rated by our club skill level committee.  If you are not any of these, then please do not attend higher skill level drop in. listed below are the skill level drop in schedules.  Each are from noon – 2 PM

Monday – 3.0
Tuesday 2.5
Wednesday 4.0
Thursday 3.5
Friday 4.5 +
Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.