March Pickleball Club Members Meeting

There are issues that need to be voted on by the membership, so please attend.

The March 2019 Pickleball club members meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 19th from 3-5 PM in the Cimarron center’s Agua Fria room.  

Listed below are the topics for discussion during the meeting
Sun City Grand Pickleball Club
Board Meeting Agenda
March 19, 2019

The President, calls the meeting to order and establishes a quorum.
Members Present:

  • Housekeeping rules
  • New Members
  • Spin Cycle

Secretary’s Report:
Treasurer’s Report:  
Committee’s Report: Sponsorship
Old Business

  • Spin cycle ideas from February – badges
  • Skill level clinics – update – Mel – Jeanne
  • Court level designation – Trial (8,10,4)
  • Pickleball Tournament – in house Mar 19-21 (Grand Games).
  • External December 13-15 (Sharing the Pickleball Love Tournament)
  • Ice Machine
  • Skill Assessments – Craig
  • Pick-l-ympics – 
  • Attendance/Membership numbers for February
  • PDP updates (vote)

New Business

  • SCG Chartered Club Policies and Procedures (vote) – You can find these on the club website under the organization tab. Click into the Club Policies and Procedures link and click onto the link for Club Specific Chapters 12-13.  There are changes that will be discussed and voted on
  • Helping Tennis club
  • Peer Group Council
  • Ball Retrievers
  • Volunteers

Non-Agenda Items

Meeting adjournment