October club members meeting and chapters 12&13

The October club members meeting will be held in the Agua Fria room on Tuesday, October 8th from 3-5 PM.

  • Please bring your CAM card to swipe in at the meeting.  We will have a card reader at the check in table.
  • There will be pizza and wings along with desserts for all members attending this meeting
  •  We will be having a used paddle drive to benefit Nadaberg Elementary School.  They are trying to start a pickleball program and we will be providing portable nets, balls and paddles.
  •  Listed below is the agenda for the meeting and a copy of the proposed Chapters 12&13 that will replace our old bylaws.  These will be voted on at the November club members meeting

Sun City Grand Pickleball Club
Club Member Meeting Agenda
October 8, 2019

The President, calls the meeting to order and establishes a quorum.
Members Present:

  • Housekeeping rules
  • Spin Cycle
  • Secretary resignation – appointment of replacement. – Julie Seaverson

Secretary’s Report: Approve Aprils club members minutes
Treasurer’s Report:   September report
Committee’s Report: Sponsorship
Old Business

  • SCG Chartered Club Policies and Procedures- update – Chapters 12&13 attached
  • Pickleball Tournament – Dec 13-15 (Spreading the Pickleball Love) – update
  • Court Level designation – Skill level drop in will be on dedicated courts
  • Skill level evaluations – Craig
  • Attendance numbers – 2168 for September
  • Membership # 1290
  • AED training –

New Business:

  • Paddle drop off dates for Nadaburg Elementary and SFD – at each club meeting in Oct-Nov-Dec
  • Present Nadaberg Elementary school with temp nets, balls, and paddles.
  • Grand Mixer –
  • Time change – October 1
  • Ladders/League – Craig/Pam/Angie
  • Grace period –
  • Sanctions and Code of Conduct training – Troy
  • Election committee chair – Mel
  • Electronic renewal/joining update – PayPal- Joe and George

Non-Agenda Items

Meeting adjournment 

Sun City Grand Pickleball Club
Chapters 12 & 13
CHAPTER 12 Club changes to chapters 1-11 of the Charter Clubs rules and regulations

3.1       Charter Club Executive Board – Members at Large – SCG Pickleball Club shall have 3 Members at Large, elected by a membership vote and serving a 2- year term.  Duties include

  • Shall represent the membership at general Board meetings
  • Shall perform other duties as assigned by the President

3.1       Charter Club Executive Board – Membership Chair – SCG Pickleball Club shall have 1 Membership Chair, elected by a membership vote and serving a 2-year term.  Duties include

  • Shall input all new members into the club roster.
  • Shall maintain the club roster and order name tags for new members
  • Shall coordinate intake and input of club membership annual renewals
  • Shall send each new member a “welcome packet”
  • Shall update and maintain the swipe card readers located at the Pickleball courts.
  • Shall work closely with the Treasurer and serve as a back up to each other.

3.5       Election and Terms of Office – The Pickleball Club shall maintain a two-year term for all officers of the Executive Board (EB).  A maximum of three, two-year terms is allowable.  All terms shall commence on January 1st and run through December 31st.
The Pickleball Club shall maintain staggered EB terms for continuity. An election of a President, Treasurer and Member at Large shall be one year, and an election of a Vice-President, Secretary, Membership Chair, and Member at Large the following year.
5.5       Pickleball Court hours – The 22 courts are open from 6AM until 9PM daily, year-round.

  • Summer Hours for club member drop-in is from 8 AM until 10 AM daily.  Dates are May 1st through September 30th. 4-8 courts will be able to be reserved during the summer.
  • Winter Hours for club member drop-in is from 9 AM until Noon daily.  Dates are October 1st through April 30th.

5.5       Court reservations are made on the Grand Pickleball website up to 7 days in advance – See http://grandpickleball.org/reservation-instructions/ for instructions.
6.0       Monitoring – SCG Pickleball club requires all members to monitor once each calendar year.  Failure to monitor or volunteer during the calendar year will result in a higher dues payment (see Chapter 13 for schedule)

  • Monitors are allowed to play while they are monitoring during drop in from May 1st through September 30th only.  Monitors will be available for any issues that may arise.

Sun City Grand Pickleball Club
Chapters 12 & 13
CHAPTER 13  Club specific rules

  • Yearly Sun City Grand Pickleball Club Dues
    • New Members – $32 – If a new member signs up between October 1st and December 31st, they will pay the $32 fee and be given a monitor credit for the current year and pay the reduced rate of $10 the following year.
    • Club member who have a monitor credit – $10 per year
    • Club member without a monitor credit – $30 per year
  • Club Member Name Badges – Club member are required to wear the proper Sun City Grand Pickleball Club approved name badge while on the courts.
  • Court Shoes – All members and their guests will wear proper non-marking court shoes.
  • Ball type used on SCG pickleball courts.
    • During drop in times, club members will use the provided club ball (currently the Onix G-2 green ball) due to noise restrictions
  • Approved paddle list – All club members and their guests will use only paddles approved by the club, found on the grand pickleball website.
  • Mixers are club social events.  Social play focuses on players having fun and making connections with other club members and is not considered a competition such as Ladders, Leagues or Tournaments.  No skill level ranking shall be assigned to a specific mixer.  Any club member in good standing, regardless of their skill level shall be allowed to play.
    • Mixers shall not be allotted more than one half of the available court space (i.e. 11 courts) for play.
    • The CCEB shall periodically review court usage statistics and make changes to the number of courts assigned to a Mixer.
    • Any changes to Mixer times or formats must be submitted to the club President and approved by the CCEB.
  • Competitive Play such as Ladders, Leagues and Tournaments shall have the ability to utilize all 22 of the club’s courts for their play