Dues Renewal Announcement and Instructions

2020 Membership Renewal Announcement and Instructions

2020 membership renewal opens November 1 and is delinquent after December 31.

Paper applications have been replaced with online applications with payment through PayPal or by checkNO PayPal account is required.  PayPal will accept credit and debit cards and they will be securely processed by PayPal.  There is no charge for our members when using PayPal.  If you select to pay by check, you can place your check in an envelope and put it in the secure lock box in the courts Pavilion.  It is located on the bottom shelf of the stainless steel storage unit located behind the counter top.  If you mail your check, send to:  Pickleball Club Membership Chair, 19753 N Remington Dr. Surprise, AZ  85374.  Be sure the member’s information is clearly printed on the envelope or check.

We have had some members renew for 2019 and have experienced a few problems with completing the application process twice after a discovered error “or” the payment process is slow.  PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS.  You will end up paying each time you submit with PayPal.  If an error is discovered after submitting and making the payment, use the Club Roster Update Request form on our Website, under the Membership tab, and submit that form to correct your information, https://grandpickleball.org/club-roster-update-request/.  If we make a PayPal reimbursement, the reimbursement amount will have PayPal transaction fees deducted.  Club membership dues are not refundable.

When you use online payment processing with PayPal, after clicking the “Submit Membership Application” button, be patient, there may be a delay when entering their website.  You may experience the same delay once you enter your payment information.  DO NOT EXIT THE SITE UNTIL YOU GET A CONFIRMATION THAT YOUR PAYMENT WAS COMPLETED.  This could take as long as a minute or two or even longer.  You will also receive an email from PayPal that your transaction was completed.

Applications will be rejected if they are in the wrong category.  For instance, a new member is a SCG resident that has never been a member of the PB club.  They should complete the New Member Application.  Renewing members are those SCG residents that have been a member in the past, no matter how long ago.  The clubs roster does not remove inactive members, so if you apply as a new member and you are on the roster, your application will be processed but a name badge will not be ordered and the $2 excess dues payment will not be refunded.

Submitting a renewing member application claiming a monitor credit will be rejected if there is no monitor credit for 2019.  PLEASE LOGIN TO THE ROSTER AND VERIFY YOUR MONITOR STATUS BEFORE COMPLETING THE APPLICATION.  You can review previous emails with directions for checking your 2019 monitor status or request the instruction email be sent to you by sending an email to the Membership Chair at the email address below.

Renewing members with a 2019 monitor credit will pay $10.

Renewing members without a 2019 monitor credit will pay $30.

Beginning Dec 1st, appointments will be available for those members that are not able to complete the online application.  If we have a significant number of members requesting appointments, it will place a large burden on our volunteers.  I strongly urge members to seek help from other members or friends.  The online application process is VERY EASY and can be completed on cell phones, tablets and computers.  All require internet access to the clubs website.

Name badge stickers for 2020 will be issued at Name Badge Sticker Parties in the courts Pavilion after Jan. 2.  To comply with Association rules to verify CAM Cards, all members will be required to swipe their CAM Cards through the card reader in the Pavilion.  If the reader says “Thank You”, you will receive your sticker.  If it doesn’t say “Thank You”, your 2020 dues have not been paid or processed yet.  You will be required to bring all badges that you want a sticker placed on.  The parties will be announced by a blast email and there will be several dates, including a Saturday.  The announcement will include a date when 2020 stickers will be mandatory.

Filling in the form typing requirement:

This new online application and payment processing will save our volunteers many hours of tedious work updating the clubs roster and will increase accuracy.  It was designed primarily with that in mind but it was also designed to be very easy for our members.  BE SURE TO CAREFULLY REVIEW YOUR COMPLETED APPLICATION BEFORE SUBMITTING.  The information you supply will be the information on the roster.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address below.

George Cox
Membership Chair
SCG Pickleball Club