November Pickleball Club Members Meeting Agenda

The November Pickleball Club Members Meeting Agenda is listed below.  The meeting will be held on November 12th at 3 PM in the Cimarron Center Agua Fria room.
We will be voting on a number of issues.
Sun City Grand Pickleball Club
Board Meeting Agenda
November 12, 2019

The President, calls the meeting to order and establishes a quorum.
Members Present:

  • Housekeeping rules
  • Spin Cycle

Secretary’s Report: Approve October club members minutes
Treasurer’s Report:   Approve October treasurer report
Committee’s Report: Sponsorship
Old Business

  • SCG Chartered Club Policies and Procedures- update – voting
  • Pickleball Tournament – Dec 13-15 (Spreading the Pickleball Love) – update –
  • Attendance numbers – 5185 for October
  • Membership # 1354
  • AED training – Goal for 2020 is getting 500 club members qualified- Colleen G – will be using court 4 during drop in time
  • Nadaburg update
  • Grand Mixer update
  • Sanctions update
  • Election update
  • Electronic renewal/joining update – PayPal- Joe and George

New Business:

  • The club purchased a new training AED that gives us two
  • The club purchased a new backboard training system located in the first breezeway
  • Introductory lessons will now be given on the second and fourth Sunday of each month starting at 2 PM.  Members must sign up on the club’s website.
  • Request from Wed & Fri beginner mixer for additional courts
  • PDP update
  • Inter community play 

Non-Agenda Items:         
Meeting adjournment
Please let me know if there are any questions.  I wonder sometimes if anyone really reads these emails to the end.  Probably not, ,but that’s ok.  Sometime in the near future, there will be a contest and we will see who really reads these long boring email. Thanks