More Dues Renewal Information, READ, READ, READ

More Dues Renewal Information, READ, READ, READ.

  • I am finding that many members are sending me emails with questions that are answered in the original renewal instructions.  Please review that email before contacting me.
  • If you want to know if your renewal has been completed, login to the clubs roster.  The last column will show your status as 2021-01-01.  Your renewal is not complete if the date is not 2021.
  • Please be patient.  I’m not able to complete all renewals immediately.  There will be over 1200 members renewing.  Renewals may take up to 2 or 3 weeks to complete.  Please remember that 2020 dues payments are not due and will not be delinquent before January 1.  All renewals should be completed by then.  I’m asking that you submit the renewal now so there isn’t a crunch in the last days of December.
  • Name badge stickers for 2020 will not be available until January.  If you renewed from years prior to 2019 and need a 2019 name badge sticker, send me an email.  I will put it in an envelope and place it in the name badge box in the Pavilion.
  • I have received emails from members that are not able to complete the application.  Every one of those members had a typing error.  Please closely follow these instructions.  Red is where Capital letters are required and black is where lowercase is required.  Punctuation has been a major issue for most rejections.  Please closely review the samples below:

Gregory Harrison
12345 W Montgomery Ln

Multiple first or last names:

First name:  Julie Ann
Last Name:  Morrison Shaffer

Names with an apostrophe:


  • This example should be used for the online applications and all other forms on our website.
  • Please only contact me at the email address below.  Troy or any other member of the club will not be able to answer most questions regarding dues renewal.  Several emails have been sent to Troy.  Troy just forwards those emails to me.  The Membership Chair position was created less than 6 months ago so many of you may not realize I’m the responsible party.

Thus far I have completed 323 applications.  Almost all of those transactions have gone extremely well.  I want to thank those members for reading and following the instructions.

George Cox
Membership Chair
SCG Pickleball Club