Pickleball Tournament Raffle Prizes

We had 37 raffle prizes not picked up during the recent pickleball tournament and the fairest way that I could come up with to distribute them was to use our club roster and a random number generator program on my phone.  There were 13 paddles on the list as well as gift cards and other pickleball items.
Listed below are the winners.  Please contact me to pick up your prize.

  1. Carol White
  2. Don Bigelow
  3. Joanne Stickney
  4. Larry Nordtvedt
  5. Jim Levenbaum
  6. Bonnie Kruegel
  7. Kay Ford
  8. Lorna Lively
  9. Bill Tierney
  10. Barb Kalman
  11. Kris Koch
  12. Norman Brinkman
  13. Vicki Barbour
  14. Jon McCammon
  15. Leanne Zigner
  16. Maureen Dooling
  17. Donna Blankenbaker
  18. Karol Cameron
  19. Seymour Butchin
  20. Scott Bjorkquist
  21. Richard Ashbaugh
  22. Kathryn Holodinsky
  23. Lisa Hickox
  24. Kathy Ginsbach
  25. Jody Jochmans
  26. Phyllis Hamilton
  27. Jane Maurer
  28. Carolyn Madison
  29. Dwight Nixon
  30. Roy Seaverson
  31. Sherry Motko
  32. Tom Lemieux
  33. Nancy Thompson
  34. Cheryl Szukalaski
  35. Larry Wilson
  36. Cherie Shelvin
  37. Robert Their

I will be sending out more information on the tournament soon
Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns Thanks