2020 Name Badge Stickers

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2020 Name Badge Stickers
Beginning January 8, the Pickleball Club will have Name Badge Sticker Parties every Wednesday and Saturday in January from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM in the courts Pavilion.  All members must swipe their CAM card in the card readers to receive their 2020 sticker.

Stickers will only be placed on name badges.  NO LOOSE STICKERS WILL BE GIVEN OUT.  Be sure to bring all of your badges.

Stickers are required on all name badges beginning February 1.

Refreshments will also be served, so come on out and enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship of your fellow Pickleball Club Members.

No membership renewals will be available at these events.  Follow the instructions below to renew your membership for 2020, if you haven’t already done so.

Renewing Member Instructions

Any individual who is a resident in Sun City Grand and has been a member of the Grand Pickleball Club any time in the past may renew their membership online at:

You may also go to our website at www.grandpickleball.org, click on the Membership tab and select Membership Application.  The application can be completed on a computer, tablet or cell phone.   You must first verify your monitor volunteer credit status by logging into the clubs roster at https://grandpickleball.org/roster/ or go to the clubs website and click the Membership tab and select Roster.  Click on “Go Directly to the Roster, Password Required” and then enter the Username and Password.  Then scroll the screen and find your name. If you received a monitor credit it will read “Monitor(1)” and possibly Prev. Year(1).  If it shows Monitor(1) or more, then you have received a monitor credit for the current year.  If the space is blank or reads Prev.(1), you have “NOT” received a monitor credit for the current year.  If you do not know the username and password, email the Membership Chair at scgpickleball@gmail.com and request it.

Please do not assume you have a credit because you monitored, check your status before renewing your membership.

If you have a monitor credit for the current year, you may renew your membership at the reduced rate of $10.  If you do not have a monitor credit for the current year, your membership dues are $30.  If you submit a Renewing Member Application and claim a monitor credit and no monitor credit has been given for the current year, your application will be rejected.  You will then receive an email with the rejection notice that will state you owe $20 to complete your renewal.  This will significantly increase the time to complete the renewal process.

When completing any forms on our website, please follow the text format below.  Please note that bold underlined text letters are UPPERCASE and all other letters are lowercase.
12345 W Montgomery Ln

Multiple first or last names:
First name:  Julie Ann  (no hyphen or other punctuation)
Last Name:  Morrison Shaffer  (no hyphen or other punctuation)

Names with an apostrophe:

If you have any questions or need help, please send me an email to the address below.

George Cox
Membership Chair
SCG Pickleball Club