Happy New Year – Membership Changes

Happy New Year. Starting tomorrow (Jan 1) those who have not renewed are no longer club members and can no longer attend club activities. The current roster has been loaded into the card readers. When you swipe your CAM card in the court card readers and hear this message “Badge Not Registered”, then you are not a current member of the club and must renew your membership for 2020. If you believe this is in error contact the Membership Chair. If you still need to renew submit a membership application. To check your monitor credit you can access your entry in the roster. If you don’t know the username and password you should contact the webmaster or membership chair.

Starting tomorrow morning, 2019 monitor credits will appear after “Prev. Year” in the roster and everyone will have a “0” after “Monitor”.   Renewing members may apply with a monitor credit if “Prev. Year” has a value greater than “0”.  Monitor credits earned in 2020 will appear there when they are earned.

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.