Sticker Parties and even more

  1. Tomorrow, January 22nd, 2020 is the day for another Sticker Party.  From 10 AM until Noon in the Pavilion, we will be handing out the 2020 stickers for your name badges.  All you need to do is come down to the pavilion and swipe your CAM card.  If it says “Thank You”, you will get your new sticker.  Sounds simple, and it should be.These parties will continue each Wednesday and Saturday in the month of January from 10AM until Noon(only 2 left in the month).  This will not be the only place to get your 2020 sticker.     .Coffee, Tea, Juice, Fruit, Donuts and Snacks will be provided.
  2. The Sticker Party on Saturday on January 25th will also be a vendor day with Mike Cameron demoing the new Paddletek paddles.  The Cameron’s will  be providing the coffee, donuts, fruits and snacks as well, so thank The Cameron’s at Home Smart.
  3.  There have been some issues with club members getting their new badges.  We are in the process of fixing those issues.  If your name is listed below, then please contact Mikey to go to his house and pick up your new badge.  Cost is $7.  Please call Mikey (623-628-3624)before you go over to 16025 W Kino Dr.
    1. Denny Krusniak
    2. Terry Minor
    3. Vicki Goldstein
    4. Jim Fulton
    5. Dan Huml
    6. Teri HumlJim Potter
    7. Evelyn Minor
    8. Jan Anderson
    9. Hanneke Smith
    10. Diane Corcoran
    11. Jan Scheid
  4.  Many of you have noticed the 3 new signs out front of the breezeways and might have questions about them.  One was supposed to be located by the street, but that was rejected by CAM.  Another was the design.  Ferne Wilford (a club member) designed the logo and we decided to use it when CAM asked us for a picture of what we wanted on the signs.  Still another question.  Why does it say desert pickleball? Well, we are in the desert and we are playing pickleball.  This was a quick turn around project and we hope that everyone enjoys the new signs

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns