News and Notes

  1.  Please read the memo below about upcoming changes to Track it Hub.
  2.  The February Club Members Meeting is this coming Tuesday (February 11th).  Lots of good food and desserts.
  3.  The 2nd Annual Grand Games is scheduled for March 31st, April 1-2.  A follow-on email will come out in the next day or two.  Registration forms will be in both breezeways starting Tuesday.
  4.  Next Saturday is the Sticker Party for February.  Mike and Cheri Cameron are providing the coffee, fruit, juice, and donuts, plus Mike will be having a Paddletek paddle demo day.  It all starts at 9 AM until noon.
  5.  Dave Weinbach is back in town and will be holding group lessons on Monday, February 17th.  Email me if you are interested..

Trackithub (TIH) will soon be implementing changes to their system that will impact all GPC Club members who currently use TIH and any future users of the system.  This is a decision made solely by Trackithub.  Over the past few months they have been communicating directly with members to prepare for these changes.  TIH started by asking participants to update their profiles.  In December they emailed a Newsletter to all our participants containing detailed information on these upcoming changes.  That newsletter contained good information about Pickleball and under the heading, “For Less Than a Cup of Coffee”, they outlined their decision to charge players. Below is the link to the appropriate section of that Newsletter.–For-less-than-a-cup-of-coffee-
Clearing Up Some Misconceptions About TIH
We recognize there has been a lot of miscommunication on and off the courts about TIH and the upcoming changes and what those changes may mean for our club.  The facts as we know them are below.  Any changes to these facts will come from TIH.  This currently affects only GPC Club members who are active in one of our Ladders or Round-Robin and it will affect any player who joins these groups in the future.  If you don’t play in one of these groups and don’t plan to, YOU ARE NOT affected by this change.

Also the Board supports the continued use of Trackithub in support of our organized Ladders and Round-Robin.
What’s Changing?
Our understanding is that TIH is going to start charging players $1.98 a month or $19.98 a year to use TIH to sign up for Ladder and Round-Robin play.  TIH will invoice you directly and you would be paying them, directly.  GPC is not part of the transaction and will not have access to your payment information.  If you are a member of another club that also uses TIH, you will only be charged once (not for each club).  TIH has not provided the implementation date but it could happen at any time.
What Does This Mean For Our Organized Events?
Our organized events (Ladders, RR) will definitely be impacted.  If GPC players decide they don’t want to pay, our number of participants will decline.   We feel some people won’t mind paying while others will not be interested in doing so.  Based on how many people choose to pay, our organized ladders could cease to exist. 

We elected to use TIH almost three years ago and have been using it for FREE since then.  It is a good tool that has given our club greater flexibility in what activities we are able to offer.  It is also a good tool for tracking registrations and players’ results. 
Bottom Line
When the invoice from TIH arrives the decision to accept their ‘Subscription Fee’ is up to you.  Just understand that if you elect not to subscribe, you will no longer receive our invitations to organized events through TIH.  Thus you will not be able to play. 

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns