Important Information From the Membership Chair

Important Information from the Membership Chair

Thank you to the 1560+ members that have completed the online application. It was our first year and it wasn’t without some problems.However, overall the process was a big success.Also a special thank you to those members that first experienced problems and provided valuable input so we could make the experience easier and better. Your application was processed exactly as you submitted it. All your information was copied from the application directly into the clubs Roster. Now I highly recommend every member review the club roster and look for any errors. To access the roster go to the club’s website and click on the Membership tab. The roster is at the bottom of this menu. You may also click on this link:, then click on “Go Directly to the Roster, Password Required”.

If you do not know the roster password you can contact either the Membership Chair or the Webmaster.

Also under the Membership tab is a “CAM Number / Address Change Request Form“. Complete this form to change your CAM Number, Address, Phone Number and/or Email Address.

It you have any question or need some help with membership issues, please send me an email at the address below.

George Cox
Membership Chair
SCG Pickleball Club