Court Updates

A couple of things.

  1. There will not be court reservations from 9-noon daily moving forward.  This will be designated as open play and open to everyone.  Courts will be able to be reserved before and after open play.  With the amount of players during the peak part of the day, you could see 6-7 players on each court.  Let’s remember to be courteous to each other.
  2.  With the canceling of our in-house charity tournament that was going to support SGT Ryan Davis, I have been asking club members what they wanted done with their registration fees.  A number of people have already donated their fees to support SGT Davis.  If you want to help support this worthy cause, please let me know by email.  On Monday, If I haven’t heard from you, we will be shredding the checks and doing a refund using PayPal.  In this crazy time, it would be a nice gesture to help someone less fortunate.

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns Thanks