Pickleball Court Updates

To all of the Sun City Grand Pickleball Club Members:

I hope that everyone is safe and still sane since the shutdown in March.

I know that people want the Pickleball courts open as quickly as possible, as witnessed by the emails that I receive and the ones that the Grand Board of Directors receive.

The Pickleball Club is working closely, directly and with the total support of the Grand Board of Directors to develop a plan that will help us to open the courts as soon as we are able.  Listed below, is the message that Don Love (BOD President) sent me.

Don states:  “We had a set of criteria by which we shut down activities and we have a set that we are establishing to open the facilities.  We as a Board are working diligently in that regard.  This coming Thursday, the 30th, we have a Workshop on Zoom and a special board meeting to follow in which we will be discussing the issues.  The timeline is not clear at the moment, but we, in conjunction with CAM have already started opening plans to be ready , when the time becomes apparent.  While there are several criteria we will be using, we will not be opening activities until the State opens theirs for very compelling LEGAL reasons, on advice from the communities attorney.  We want to get the courts open just as much as you do, but safely.”
Don Love
President SCG

When I hear more, I will send out further emails.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns Thanks