Open letter to the Pickleball Club


I have stood back and watched as the comments and suggestions on Facebook, The Grand Pickle, emails, texts, petitions, and conversations have gone from bad to worse.  It seems that we have “experts” in our club on how this pandemic and community should be run.  I would tell those “Experts” to step up for the next pickleball club and SCG BOD election and truly help run the club/community.  Just to give you some background, The SCG BOD is a voluntary position with ZERO pay.  They are working 40-60 hours each and every week, because they want to make a difference and for the first time EVER, all 7 of the members are either pickleball players or pickleball friendly.

I have been in contact with the BOD almost every day since the shut down happened, through emails, texts, phone calls etc. working to get the courts back open as soon as possible and you could see how that was working by our club blazing the trail by having our plan to re-open being the first one on the agendas.

It has been all of the negative Facebook posts, emails, texts, phone calls, letters, and petitions to the BOD from some of our members that has made my job even more difficult and not shined a very good light on our club.  We have worked too hard and too long to lose our place as the Best Club in Grand.

Some of us are very quick to throw out issues with golfers and golf courses being open when the courts are not.  According to Governor Ducey’s shut down order in March of 2020, he proclaimed that GOLF was an essential business and would remain open.  “GET OVER IT” and be happy that something is open to enjoy the outdoors.

As I find out more information on the waivers and opening dates, I will send them out.

Again, There are No experts on this pandemic, just guesses and guessers.


Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.