Day 2

I hope everyone had fun yesterday and stayed safe.  We had a number of guests visit the courts throughout the day and night.  Don Love, Earle Greenberg, and our new GM, David Twiggs stopped by to see all of the action.  We will continue to tweek and fix any issues that come up.

  1. Everyone must still PUNCH IN before you start to play.  Sounds simple really.
  2. If you have a court reservation and not enough players show up, you can try and find another court that will take you.  Understand that the new court doesn’t have to take you on, but it is okay to ask.
  3. Please make sure that each player has their own ball.
  4. If you have a court reserved and don’t show up, please go online and cancel it.

Lastly, the BOD will be having a meeting on Thursday to address the question about allowing guests on our courts.  More to come.

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.