Announcements and club meeting

Just a few announcements.

  1. Victor Moreno has stepped down as the clubs Vice President due to health reasons.  We all appreciated what Victor has done and will continue to do for the pickleball club in the future.
  2. Don Gunderson was appointed by the remaining board members to complete the 2020 term of the position of Club Vice President.
  3.  With more and more club members heading back to Grand, it is crucial that if you make a court reservation and you cannot make it, please go online and cancel it.  Most mornings the court have been shown to be full when 6 or more courts are actually empty.
  4. Membership renewal starts on November 1, 2020.  More info will be coming out soon.
  5. We are planning on having a zoom club meeting on November 10, 2020 from 3-5 PM. CAM has given us their 1000 person license to try and accommodate our large club. There will be a lot more information coming out soon.
  6. We are looking for someone who can facilitate the zoom meeting for us.  If you have the skills and might have done a big meeting on zoom before, we would love to have your assistance and guidance.

Stay Safe