Court Happenings

Just a couple of items of interest.

  1. Last week (Wednesday), I put out 100 brand new balls in the BLUE BUCKETS (CLEAN), and when I went to change out the water on Sunday in the ORANGE BUCKETS (DIRTY) I noticed that there were only 30-40 balls in the BLUE BUCKETS (CLEAN) on all of the courts.  I wondered if our club-members were taking them home to clean and use for themselves.  Imagine my surprise last night while playing when one of the players on my court hit a ball that landed in the black trash can that hangs on each court to find 10 pickleballs.  We checked more courts and found over 100 balls in the trash cans.  Yes, some were cracked, but 75% were just dirty balls that some people could not quite make it to the ORANGE BUCKETS (DIRTY) located in each breezeway, right next to the  BLUE BUCKETS (CLEAN) where they picked up their ball before playing. I guess what I’m asking is this.  Can we please return the dirty balls to the ORANGE BUCKETS (DIRTY) after you are done playing each day?
  2. It has been reported that people are stealing garage door remotes out of golf carts and getting addresses off of the registration cards and using the remotes to break into houses in Grand.  Please take your remote out of your cart and protect your information.