A Plea

This a simple plea from me to each of the 1463 club members.

I think that we can all agree that these are crazy, trying and difficult times.

I think that it is safe to say that each of us love our countries, families, communities and yes, Pickleball.

I think that it is safe to say that no one has all or any of the answers for this craziness that has consumed our countries and the world.

All that we can do is trust in our fellow (wo)man to have the best of intentions and interests in their hearts for one another.

There are way smarter people than me, in our countries, states, counties, cities and communities who have established guidelines and regulations to help guide us through this pandemic.

I have sent out numerous emails with those guidelines as changes and updates have occurred and all 1463 of you have read them and interpreted them 1463 different ways. That is only human nature.

Now, with our part time residents(Snowbirds) returning in large numbers, there has been increasing numbers of incidents on and around the courts.

Last night, I had to step in between two club members yelling at each other. Not something that I wanted to do during the few times a week that I actually get to play pickleball.

Since the end of May, when we reopened the courts, there have been a majority of year round residents who have played in their small, controlled groups and have become very comfortable with those groups and people. Now with the influx of residents and the expanding of Open play, people are becoming uncomfortable, again, understandable.

Most, if not all of the uncomfortable feeling comes from wearing/not wearing a mask. Do masks work? I don’t know, I’m not an expert, or a scientist, or a doctor, but if wearing one might stop the spread of this disease or save someone’s life or family, then I’m going to do just that. That is my choice. Do I like it? Not in the least, but life is full of tough choices and times and I hope that this tough time ends soon.

SOLUTIONS? Nope,, I’m not that smart.

SUGGESTION? Yep,, I’ve got tons, but only one that really matters right now and it’s more of a plea and it’s this: Whenever you are over at the Pickleball complex and not on your court, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, wear your MASK. It shouldn’t matter if you are 6 feet apart or even if no one else is in the breezeways. What are you losing? Please don’t tell me that wearing a simple mask is taking away your rights, freedom or liberty. It could mean that you are saving someone’s life or that of a family member or friend.

Can I force you to wear a mask? Nope, I’m not even going to try. Can I beg and plead with you to do so? Yes I can and am.

If someone at the courts asks you to please, put on your mask(in a nice way), Let’s not start a fight over that. There should NEVER be a reason to raise one’s voice. ASK your question, RESPOND, and MOVE ON.

So, Let’s all start treating each other a heck of a lot more nicer than we have been and we will get to the other side of this pandemic and be a better world, country, county, city, community and Club because of the way that we treated one another.

Stay Safe