Did I renew for 2021?

So you read the email yesterday and you wonder if you already paid your 2021. The email was sent to the entire membership so it may be confusing. Here is what you do if you cannot remember:

If you are not sure if you renewed or you just want to check your renewal status, you can review it on the club’s roster. I highly recommend all members review their information on the Roster. If you find errors, you can correct them yourself. Follow these instructions to view the roster and to edit your information:

Go to the club website and click on the Membership tab and then click on Roster. You may also click on this link: https://grandpickleball.org/roster/. Then click on “Go Directly to the Roster, Password Required”. I you do not know the username and password you can contact the Membership Chair. (https://grandpickleball.org/membership-contact-form/)

Once you are on the roster, scroll the list of names and until you find your first and last name. Look at the right hand column. If your Renew date is 2022-01-01, you are paid for 2021. If the renew date is 2021-01-01, you have not renewed for 2021.

Review all of your information. If changes need to be made, click on the “Edit” link. Then enter the first four (4) digits of your CAM Card Number. You can then edit your information. Once it looks 100% correct, click on the “Update Record” button in the top left.

If you have any questions or need additional help, please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address below.

George Cox
Membership Chair
SCG Pickleball Club