Project Homeless Holiday Update 3

The outpouring of money and donations has been truly impressive.  You managed to fill up a spare bedroom and a large part of my garage.  
 There has been some changes to report.

  1. We have collected all of the items needed to fill all 100 backpacks.  If you still have not dropped off the items that you may have purchased, please drop them off at my house by tomorrow (19932 N Canyon Whisper Dr).  If you were planning on donating, but haven’t purchased anything yet, please HOLD OFF.  We have enough gift cards and monetary donations thanks to your overwhelming generosity.
  2. I asked for help from a homeless advocacy group that deals with the homeless in the Surprise area.  They will be walking us through the project and will be taking the lead on distributing most of the backpacks.  This is being done for safety concerns.  They have areas in the community where the homeless gather for hot meals that they will distribute the backpacks in.  In addition, they will be putting some of the backpacks in the Surprise homeless shelters and a few of the Surprise Police Officers will be putting bags into their cruisers to hand out. 
  3. I have asked to keep between 20-25 bags for club members to give out, if they so desire.  We will give 1 bag per club member while they last.
  4. A lot of you have volunteered to help put the bags together and deliver them, but we already have enough to do both(my house is only so big), your volunteering is much appreciated.

It is because of each of your generosity, that someone less fortunate will have a happier holiday
Please stay safe and have a happy holiday season.