New Drive to Help Homeless in Surprise

I hope that everyone had a pleasant and happy holidays. Susan and I spent one of the evenings preparing and serving a holiday meal to about 40 of the homeless people that our club is trying to help. It was truly eye opening and heart wrenching at the same time. Seeing how grateful they were for just a simple meal, backpack, a hot and cold drink and a sandwich to go for the next day. It makes you rethink one’s own life and priorities and why charity should be a priority only during the holidays.

All of the 100 backpacks have been distributed to be given away and it was a HUGE success, Thanks to each of you.

We used the rest of the monetary donations to buy additional items for their pop up soup kitchen and bulk food that Susan and I are preparing and storing for more Friday night meals for the homeless.

Quite a few Club Members have asked that we find a way to continue this project throughout the year in some way.

The club board and I thought that one way to help, would be to reopen the link to take monetary donations for trying to keep on hand about 20 backpacks at all times and by having drives throughout the year to collect much needed specific items.

We will kick off this new drive today by asking for donations of socks and coats to be dropped off at my house (19932 N Canyon Whisper Dr) from now until January 8th.

Let’s see if we can make this project grow and grow.

If you want to help out at the Friday night dinners, please contact me to set something up.

One last item, The advocacy group that sets up and runs the pop up soup kitchen is in need of a smaller enclosed pull behind trailer. If you have one that you are looking at getting rid of or know someone who might have one for sale, please let me know.

Again, Happy Holiday’s and let’s start off 2021 in a charitable way.