Homeless project update

Susan and I went out to the “Wash” again this past Friday night to pass out the many, many coats and socks that club members have donated so far and to prepare a hot meal of Soup, salad, and Spaghetti and meatballs to around 40 + homeless people. Every time that we go out there and spend the evening with what we are now coming to consider as family and friends, I still tear up a couple of times each night, I laugh a little bit more and my heart seems a bit happier.

What this club and it’s members are doing through monetary, clothing, and food is really making a difference. Seeing those less fortunate looking forward to the groups visit and enjoying a hot meal and gifts that are given each Friday night is very special.

Every week, I see a different need that I think we can help with. This week, we gave out more than 40 jackets and a ton of socks. We still have a lot of jackets and socks still taking up my spare bedroom. We fed around 12 dogs on Friday night which totally surprised me (they enjoyed the spaghetti and meatballs). What I want to focus on this week is sweatshirts (Med, Large, XL), older Bikes that are working, pull behind kid carriers (they use these as their homes on wheels) and Dog Food (small bags of dry and pop top wet food). The Dogs are companions, warmth, and protection while the homeless sleep.

We will be going out to the “Wash” again on Friday (Beef Stew and homemade biscuits) if anyone (limit to 4) wants to go out and help, please contact me.

Please stay safe and healthy