A Quick Update

Yesterday, the Grand Board of Directors met and passed some items that are important to the SCG Pickleball Club

  1. The use of one ball per court was approved – this is entirely up to the group that you are playing with.  If you want to use 1 ball or 4 balls is up to you (I fear that going back to 1 ball will be confusing to remember who was serving).
  2. The PDP to place a mister system in the new T breezeway was approved.  It will go down the middle of the breezeway by courts 18,20,21, and 22.
  3. The PDP to use a different material other than sand to lock in and level the bricks in the breezeways was approved. (Verlin Chalmers was the driving force behind our PDP packages( bike racks, more electrical outlets on the courts, mister system, brick problem, and larger bathrooms), and has done a wonderful job).  So far, he is 4 for 4 with only the bathroom issue to be resolved.  Great Job Verlin
  4. Last but not least.  The tables that hold the ball buckets have been moved to the head of each breezeway.  easier to pick up and drop off your ball.  
  5. Thanks to all of the monetary, bike and clothing donations from club members, we now feed and clothe between 50-60 homeless guests each Friday evening.  We will continue to take any and all donations with a heartfelt “Thank You”.  This club is really making a difference in our community. 

Please let me know if there are any questions.