Best News So Far

So, yesterday, we got some really great news from our HOA BOD. They passed a motion to return the Grand community, almost back to normal.

What does it mean to the Pickleball Club? For starters, no more masks or social distancing(you may still wear a mask if you desire to do so). We are now in Club Mode and we will be having monitors for drop in periods and name badges are required (We need people to volunteer to monitor and sign up on our website). We will be getting the ladders, leagues, skills and drills set up for the September/October time frame and will also be starting the beginner lessons at that time. There will be a lot of fun things popping up as well, 2 in house tournaments, glow pickleball, skill rodeos, club parties (January 18, 2022), snacks on the courts, and food at our October club members meeting.

We are leaving the balls in the sanitizing solution in the breezeway for the foreseeable future. As plans are formed and finalized, more information will be sent out.

On another note, I want to thank the entire club for donating clothes, food, money, bikes and socks. We have been helping the homeless for 6 months and feed between 30-80 each Friday night. More than 60 bikes have been donated and given out. We are making a huge impact on them. There is still a need for clothes (summer type), socks, bikes and monetary donations. Without the incredible support from each of you, this would have been a one time endeavor instead of a continuing support program.

I’m sure that there will be much more information to follow in the coming days and weeks.

Please stay safe and return to Grand in the fall to enjoy life once again like we used to know it.

Let me know if there are any questions.