Court Updates

A couple of items to put out there before the next week starts. 

  1. There are now (2) types of balls on the courts in the ball buckets..  We have the Onix G2, that has been the club ball for years,.   In addition to the G2 is the Franklin X 40 ball.  Both balls were approved by the club.  The G2 ball has bigger holes and is a softer ball while the Franklin X ball has smaller holes and is a harder plastic tournament type ball.
  2. During the October Club Members meeting, A committee was set up to look at our Drop In process and come up with ideas to improve it.  The committee has made their recommendations and are working out the logistics to roll it out.  This is scheduled to roll out starting next Monday, November 22 at 9AM.  I will be sending out a detailed plan on the proposed changes earlier next week.
  3. I have also received a number of emails asking about clinics and lessons.  Mel and Jeanne will be setting up clinics for different skill levels starting in January at no cost to club members.  If you are looking for private/group lessons, or clinics, there are 2 Professionals who have the authority from CAM to provide lessons/clinics (at a cost) on our courts.  They are Dave Weinbach and Laura Fenton Kovanda.  Anyone interested in these lessons should contact me for their information.
  4. Finally, Please wear your name badge and swipe in each time you are at the courts.  I know there are 20-30 people with the new cam cards that don’t work.  CAM is coming up with a fix for these issues and we hope to get it fixed soon.

Let me know if there are any questions.