We all forget things

We all forget things. Before you renew your pickleball club membership, please check to be sure you have not already renewed. Unlike some of your monthly bills, if you renew your club membership twice and pay by credit card, the club can’t give you credit on next month’s bill, we have to refund. However, since the club is charged for a credit card transaction we don’t refund the full amount, we refund the amount minus the transaction fee. But, the biggest problem if you renew twice is the time the Membership Chair and the Treasurer have to spend correcting your mistake. Please believe me that these volunteers have enough to do without duplicate renewals.

So, before you send in your renewal make sure you have not already renewed. There are a couple ways to do this …

  1. Check the roster by going here (https://grandpickleball.org/roster/ ). If you are on the roster you have renewed.
  2. If you have a CAM card with the numbers in the old-style format (1234-001), when you swipe your card at the courts, and the response is “Thank You”, you are on the roster. If you receive “Badge Not Registered” you are not.
  3. If you are not on the membership roster and you think this is an error, contact the Membership Chair here (https://grandpickleball.org/membership-contact-form/).