Steve Miller Update

I wanted to update everyone on Steve Miller.  As of last night (Friday), Steve was sent home from the hospital and is resting comfortably (not sure how comfortable you can be with multiple cracked ribs) at home.  He is not up for visitors just yet and will let me know when he is.  I’m sure that he would like emails, texts, cards etc.
I will update more when I get something.
We are very glad that Steve will be ok.

All:  This morning at the courts, Steve Miller collapsed while playing pickleball, and stopped breathing.  Thanks to a number of people stepping up and starting CPR, getting the AED, and calling 911, we were able to get his heart restarted and continued CPR until the Fire/Rescue Department showed up and took over.  He was stabilized and transported to Banner Dell Webb.  Steve had surgery to remove blockages and Dr’s placed a stent/s, external pacemaker and is now resting comfortably.  Steve did suffer some cracked ribs from the CPR, but Karen and Steve are both appreciative for all of the help given to him by our club members. 

The AED used this morning has already been recharged and returned to the Women’s restroom.

After what happened this morning, I believe that it’s imperative that the entire pickleball club needs to be trained in the proper use of the AED and basic CPR.  Classes will be set up in the near future. 

I have also discussed with CAM and gotten their approval for the purchase of a third AED machine and cabinet to be placed in the breezeway by courts 13-22, making it easily accessible to the courts furthest from the bathrooms.

Stay safe and hydrated