Court Updates 3

  1. Pickleball Den

Ladders have been very highly requested by club members since we had to stop running them two years ago. Your club board and others have been spending the time since the season ended in April exploring options that will allow us to get back to having Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed ladders as well as the Saturday Mixed round robins.
We also wanted to improve how we communicate to, and get feedback to and from, all of our members.  
Verlin Chalmers spent long hours and days looking at many software options and he found one that looks very promising.  We are currently in the last phase of testing it and hope to have it ready for all our members this October.  Here are some of the ways this software known as Pickleball Den, will help our club.
It will help us: 

• Re-start and Run Ladders
• Run Round-Robins
• Email All Club Members
• Create, and communicate within, Sub-Groups, 
• Collect Club Dues, 
• Conduct Club Surveys,
• Vote for Club Officers, 
• Conduct Special Events, 
• Run Club Tournaments and more…  

It truly is an enhanced communication platform that should help us for many years to come.
Verlin is preparing a more detailed email that will further explain how the program will work and how the club plans on using it, along with the timeframe for rolling it out to everyone.

More information to follow
Stay safe and hydrated