Drop-In Time Changes on Monday

Just a quick email to let everyone know that the times and courts are changing for Club Members Drop-In starting on Monday, October 3, 2022.  

  1. Drop-In will begin at 9AM and run until Noon each and every day.  All of the courts will be blocked off for Drop-In during this period.  The courts are skill level rated for ease of all players.  Please follow the rules for Drop-In and while using the paddle holders in each breezeway and on each challenge court. (Rules are located in each breezeway).
  2. During all of the other Non-Club Member times, the courts are able to be reserved for one 90-minute block per day.  
  3. We are in need of Monitors to monitor each day (We are required to have a monitor on site during any Club Time). There are two ways to sign up to monitor. One is on the Monitoring tab, click on SignUpGenius and follow the instructions. Or on the Activities tab under the SignUpGenius tab. and again, just follow the instructions.  
  4. You will notice that there are 3 monitor slots available for each day. We would like to have a monitor located in the pavilion and in each breezeway (3 new monitor books will be located in the pavilion).
  5. If you noticed an issue with the court reservation system on the website, it has been corrected starting on Wednesday, October 5.  
  6. More email blasts are coming out over the next few days.

Thanks, and welcome back to the snowbirds (heat chickens)