Ladder News and More

  1. Ladders starts next week with the Women’s ladder starting on Monday. October 10. The sign-up sheet has been sent on via email (The Den) already. Start time is Noon.
  2. Men’s starts the next day on Tuesday, October 11 at Noon.  Sign-up sheets will be sent out soon (via, The Den).
  3. Introduction to Ladders will start on Friday’s, October 21 at Noon.  This is a chance for people who have never played in ladders to become knowledgeable on how they work and tips on how to play. (More info to follow)
  4. The Seasonal Round Robin (Luck of the Draw) is set to begin on Saturday, October 22 at noon.  This is a fun filled round robin using The Den. (More info to follow)  
  5. A Mixed Ladder will begin sometime in January of 2023.

You can find out more information about the ladders and round robins on the club’s website.